Lavinia’s Heist – Short Film

This is one of my two final projects for the Digital Editing class I took in Nov. 2012 as part of the Digital Cinema MFA program at National University.

We had to take the provided video clips – there were probably about 100 – and put together a movie short. We did what in laymen’s terms would be called first and second drafts, and this would be my final draft. However, in “proper” editing jargon this is my “fine cut”, and the prior ones were “rough cuts”.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. It’s not “polished”, and there are some mistakes, but it’s not bad for a first editing class and for using professional editing software (very intimidating) for the first time – Premiere Pro is 500 levels above Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, LOL.

Also, for the curious, I made an A on this assignment and an A- in the course.